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Good matches: Venus in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, or Capricorn. Venus in Mars in Leo Is the Fierce Queen Energy You Need RN. Venus in.

Krishnamurty Shastry or if you independently arrived at the same answer as he did.

How to Read a Birth Chart.. in Minutes!

It seems you are advocating a similar correction as he does. I have been experimenting with this corrected version, and so far it has given me some interesting results.

I did my own research on charts from all over the world to arrive at an error of approx to degrees in Lahiri. The combined results of ayanamsa correction and year correction are even more fascinating, than if you just adjust the ayanamsa alone! I also learning astrology as hobby. To me the concept looks interesting. But stil! I am not able to fully understand it. Please the same with some examples or guide me the link of your workings. Thanks for your guidance and sorry for delay in acknowledgement from my end.

Please also guide me for modifications to be done in parashar light. I am also looking for guidance in respect of a house system which is placidus house system. I am not able to find any working or option in any astrological software. For house system, Jhora has the options.

There you can tick Placidus and Ascendant as start of first house. U also said beside above 3,some other minor calculations are require.. Minor modifications are just too many and still open to deliberations. The list is endless…. I pefer center of sun in eastern horizon….. Like Liked by 1 person. You are on the right track. I think you are absolutely right. I have gone through your resurch and I found good results after using shashi usha ayanamsa. Dear Jazz.

Could you suggest me a spiriitual deity or path to follow according to my natal chart?. I do like hinduism and I need to now my Ishta devata.

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Thanks for the appreciation. Any good professional astrologer should be able to tell you your Ishta devata. My recommendation is to start with what you like and move on to Meditation.

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Your inner self will guide you well once you meditate regularly. All the best. As per our conversation on YouTube, I applied your changes and it gives different results. Though none of my sign or nakshatras as changed by this because none is in 4th pada or at the end of sign , but I would say that most significant change is the change of dasha timings. Well however I believe that these changes are not truly reflected in my chart. I would love to have these this dasha changes, but however I think they are not applicable in my chart. My life events are not corresponding to these changes.

Well I will check it on other charts. I would say that you might be more comfortable with this new settings as you have customized them, every astrologer is comfortable with their own ayanamsas. Can you please explain it theoretically. I am open to many theories and interpretations. To see what changes happen when you adjust each individual parameter, recommend you change each one by one and carefully observe what gets altered. Nonetheless, the idea of this article is to encourage people to dive deeper into the mathematical aspects of astrology and not just focus on predictive astrology.

You may please continue to use whatever works best for you. Astrology is a passion and a hobby for me. Please contact a professional astrologer for consultation. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Compare House Systems Report

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Search Search for:. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Thanks for appreciating! Regards AjayGupra Like Like. Thanks for your answer. All of us have the 12 houses in our charts, in the same positions relative to one another and relative to the four directions.

House (astrology) - Free net encyclopedia

The houses are defined by the directions and orient the zodiac to the directions from a particular place on earth at a particular time. It is also indisputable, but it is relative and depends on the longitude and latitude from which one is viewing the sky, as well as the time of year since the earth is tilted with the Northern Hemisphere leaning north in the winter and south in the summer.

The angles are considered the most powerful positions on the chart wheel. At the 7th House Descendant , we make one-to-one contact with others on a personal level. Although astrologers cannot argue about the horizon line and vertical axis these are fixed positions according to the four directions , they have disagreed about how to slice the pie of the sky up into the 12 pieces called the Houses.

Some astrologers prefer to use houses which are all equal in size. This system is called the Equal House system. Frequently it is used when the birth time is not known. As the world spins around every day, any particular place on earth faces each part of the zodiac circle at some point during every day.

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Thus all the degrees of the zodiac touch each of the houses at some point each day. There is not always a one-to-one correspondence of signs to houses or vice versa. Some houses in a chart will be smaller and some will be bigger. A small house might be 15 degrees, a large one maybe Some houses can be so big, an entire sign falls within its boundaries. Some astrologers feel this occurs after about age 29, while other say more like When planets move around the chart, they visit big houses longer and small houses more quickly.

A house can also be said to be intercepted when it begins and ends all in one sign. Any planet inside the house will also affect the matters of the house. The planet in charge of ruling the sign on the cusp will also affect the matters of the house. Each house represents certain areas of life. These are like the stage sets upon which the action of our lives takes place. The planets in a chart represent energies and urges; they are like the actors. The signs represent how those energies and urges are enacted, similar to the characteristics or emotions of the characters portrayed by the actors.

If you cut the circle of a chart wheel in half, each side will mirror the other as far as house size goes.

Computing planetary positions - a tutorial with worked examples

If the 1st House is small, the opposite house the 7th will be exactly the same size. The 4th House might be big and if it is, the house opposite it the 10th House will be just as big. Houses opposite one another begin and end with the same degrees and minutes of opposite signs.

There is a connection in the interpretation of opposite houses as well. The houses are categorized into 3 groups: Angular, Succedent, and Cadent. The Angular houses are at the angles; the Succedent houses follow them. Instead, look to the planet ruling the sign on the cusp for clues to the matters of the house. We tend to put the most focus on the matters of our houses that have planets, especially if there are multiple planets in a house. During the course of the year, the Sun makes a regular journey through the zodiac and around the circle of the houses.

Actually it is the earth moving around the Sun which makes it appear that the Sun is moving around the circle. Because this is a very regular and predictable motion, you can determine which days of each year the Sun passes through each of the houses of a chart. You can also figure out the days of each year that the Sun crosses the degree of each of your birth planets, kind of like having a Moon day or a Mercury day, etc. The other planets take varying times to circle the chart according to their speeds of motion. You have to live to be 84 to have Uranus go all the way around.

But Saturn does it in 29 years, Jupiter in 12, Mars in 2, Venus and Mercury in less than one, and the Moon does it every month! As they travel around, they bring their energies to the houses that they visit. According to the time of day you were born, the Sun, Moon and the planets will fall in various houses in your chart. This is because of their positions in the signs, and the fact that the signs line up around the directions and the houses.

As the world turns throughout the day, the Sun appears to rise up from the horizon to the southernmost part of the ecliptic area of the sky, peaking at around noon. Then it heads toward the western horizon where it sets. At night, it is on the other side of the earth, in a northerly direction out of sight.

At midnight, it hits the bottommost point in the chart.