pisces horoscope 12 february 2020

Good matches: Venus in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, or Capricorn. Venus in Mars in Leo Is the Fierce Queen Energy You Need RN. Venus in.

You are feeling extra sassy this week, which is forcing you to express your sentiments by shooting straight from the hip.

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Although you may be empowered to speak bluntly, you may ruffle feathers throughout the week. The caveat to your newly found evocative and passionate vibe is that you may accidentally upset your bestie with your strong and stinging words.

The Month Ahead for Libra

Just check yourself before opening your mouth with harshness. Unfortunately, your confidence is hitting a low point this week. But you can heighten your self-esteem by looking in the mirror and repeating three wonderful things about yourself five times before heading out the door to school. You can even write your affirmations down on paper to ensure your daily boost of good vibes. If you allow yourself time to acknowledge your fabulousness once a day, your self-doubts will vanish.

They may be tired of having to constantly give in to your whims, and you are thirsty for your crew to embrace your adventures. Rather than huff and puff about weekend plans, find a compromise that works for everyone. Everyone can have their cake and eat it too — with a little less rigidity and more flexibility.

Just when you found your peaceful footing and all the drama from the summer has calmed down, the rug gets pulled out from underneath you again. Even if you both agree to disagree about matters, at least you have discussed the situation civilly before it reached an intense level. You may also just decide to kiss and make up.

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This week, you may be inclined to start a humanitarian club at school where you assist the elderly or volunteer at Planned Parenthood. You can change the world and inspire others with acts of kindness.

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Who do you love? You really need to keep yourself in check and treat yourself like the queen you are.

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This will allow you to not let others walk all over you, or let your crew take your generous heart for granted. What you want and what others want may be very different, as you'll likely find out.

LIBRA Weekly December 12 to 18, 2016 Oracle of Triad Reading

And much as it can be in your nature to compromise you may not feel like it. Plus, with Venus your ruler moving into your sector of values, you might be more inclined to go with what is true for you.

The weekend could be fairly volatile, especially if you decide to clear the air by saying it like it is. As fiery Mars enters your sign on the 4th, you'll feel more courageous and ready to tackle key issues and to socialize more. Keep a low profile around the midmonth Aries Full Moon, to avoid a war of words.

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Money matters come into focus and can see you treating yourself, but also enjoying a few impulsive purchases. Try to guard your cash when Mercury rewinds from October 31st.

Libra Horoscope - Daily

Transformations in your home environment can continue this year, but I also feel that whatever you have been developing in recent times, can also become more bedded down and established, or conversely, you may move altogether if your circumstances are not ideal. This can lead to a complete change in your lifestyle.

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The new way that you choose can appear unconventional and scary, but this is the right path for you. The planets have lined up right for your love life. Be sure to go out with friends and enjoy yourself.

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You will find opportunities for dating and relationship opening up even in unlikely places. So you need to mix and mingle. This is the right time to explore a new relationship about which you may have had doubts in the past. Understand compatibility with love horoscope. Check love percentage using love calculator.